As in the past years, Symbow Medical presented new models of its innovative medical technologies and products in the Main Imaging Hall at the 69th CMEF in April 2013 in Shenzhen, China.

With its advanced products and medical solutions in the fields of early breast cancer detection and minimally invasive therapy, including the first SFDA and CE approved Megrez® Navigation System and OPTIMUS Dual Modality Breast Imaging System with Ultrasound and diffusion optical tomography (DOT), Symbow Medical has made a profound appearance on the 69th CMEF Spring 2013 at Shenzhen Exhibition.

Visitors stopped by Symbow Medical’s booth and showed great interest in Megrez® MRI, CT and PET/CT compatible navigation System.

Visitors are inquiring information about Symbow Medical’s OPTIMUS Dual Modality Breast Imaging with Ultrasound and DOT.