Many interventional procedures are nowadays performed with the assistance of medical imaging alone. During a procedure, doctors normally determine the surgical tool’s entry point and targeting trajectory based on doctors’ ‘spatial imagination’ according to the medical images. The spatial information of interventional tools in relevant to the human anatomical structure cannot be properly shown in the medical images, especially before the tools are introduced into the body, when the tools cannot even be seen by many imaging modalities. As a result, such image-guided procedure still strongly depends on the experience of medical doctors and could be inaccurate and subject to safety issues.

Megrez® IGS-MF Surgical Navigation System for Minimally Invasive Therapy Guidance. From the collaboration with Harvard Medical School and National Center for Image Guided Therapy of the USA, Symbow Medical presents the world the advanced navigation system, Megrez®, which can track surgical tool spatial position in real-time which is instantly integrated with real-time three-dimensional medical images. The system can work side-by-side with either magnetic resonance imaging systems or CT imagers for a broad clinical applications including biopsy, drainage, suction, ablations (RFA, MWA, Cryo, LTT, etc.), brachytherapy and many more.

Megrez® CT-Compatible Navigation System

Megrez® MRI-Compatible Navigation System